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How to tend.a

  • Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) make up an estimated 90%of all enterprise in Africa - they are responsible for about  80% of all employment on the continent.

  • At  TEND.a, our goal is to promote new and sustained growth in the SGB sector of the African economy. We are poised to achieve this goal by facilitating the formation of a broad range of value-add partnerships alongside skills transfer and deal flow opportunities, for all members on our platform.

  •  In Kenya, about  1 in 3 adults has invested capital in a business venture at least once as part of a “Chama” -- an investment group defined at the local community level. 

  • At  tend.a, we are committed to establishing hyper-local community capital markets, with a view to enhancing a savings and investment culture amongst members on our platform. We aim to develop  efficiency within these markets, to create liquidity for the many business ventures that we will enable.

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